Frequently Asked Questions

How long does onboarding a new partner take?

Our onboarding process is 1-2 weeks. During this time we take care of copy creation, automated outreach and scheduling, development, 24/7 analytics dashboard creation, lead generation, calendar integration, and more.

What is a qualified meeting?

A qualified meeting is a meeting that meets the standards that you set forth and shows up to the meeting that we schedule for you. If a meeting does not meet your qualification standards, you have 100% right of refusal to deny the meeting as qualified.

For instance, if you only sell to Real Estate Development companies with over $10m in assets under management, if we book a meeting with a company that has only $1m in AUM, you have 100% right of refusal. Whatever your qualification standards are, we include them. Normal disqualifications include not in the market to buy, not financially able to purchase, in contract with a competitor, and more.

What is the outreach process?

We use mainly email outreach because of the exponential scaling capabilities of email. We also have automated responses to lead replies, automated scheduling, and automatic tagging of leads for future outreach.

What is required of me?

After our onboarding process, the only thing we ask of you is to block the times you are busy on your calendar so we don't book a meeting during that time. You can also set times when you are available for a meeting. If you only want to take meetings Monday and Wednesday from 9am-2pm, feel free to let us know and we will happily accommodate that.

How long is the agreement and how can I end it?

The agreement is indefinite in length. You can end the agreement at any time and we will send over a final folder with all of your data.

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